Falling Out Of Love

The last WordPress post I read titled, “Love, Loved, Light” by denmother inspired me to explore the concept of falling out of love.

Growing up I thought that it was impossible to fall out of love, but as I’ve grown older I see that is is very much possible and becoming more and more common in our society. It is actually really sad. I grew up on fairytales and happily ever afters, but no one every tells us about the divorce of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Getting older I’m starting to notice the reality of relationships and dating of the society that we live in. Divorces are more common than happily ever afters. After witnessing so many people close to me fall out of love and divorce, it leaves little hope. I often wonder is love now a temporary feeling? Are humans not capable of loving one person their whole lives? Do Americans not understand the ins and outs of relationships until their more successful second marriage?

“Love, Loved, Light” mentioned the heartbreaking reality that people often fall out of love at different times, leaving one person hurt and devastated. Why? It doesn’t make any sense to me why relationships can destroy people. Shouldn’t relationships be a safe environment where you can truly be yourself, become a better person and not have to worry about experiencing the worst pain from your own partner? Why does love have to be painful and relationships so difficult?

Love, Loved, Light

Wow! This is the sad reality of relationships and brings up thought-pondering ideas about love.


It seems all around me long-term relationships, marriages and families are, or have, or continue to blow up.  From posts in the blogging world to my friends and acquaintances and even in my own personal experience, there seems to be so much crap and residual crap floating around.  It has all definitely changed my traditional views on marriage, family and relationship longevity over the years.

For context, my parents are still together after 50+ years of marriage.  I have four siblings and out of the five of us, four have gotten married and three divorced.  I’m one of the divorced sets and have two kids.  Same with one of my sisters.

I’m sure I was in love with my husband as much as anyone can be sure of what love actually is.  I’m quite certain that he was in love with me, too.  At some point he stopped loving me…

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Ponder This: Ethics Vs Art

This article brings up a very interesting aspect of art that I had never considered before.

Factory Diaries

Ok, so let’s nip this in the bud straight off the bat: I HATE HAVING THIS ARGUMENT! Seriously, there is nothing that irks me more than having a “what is art?” debate. Especially if it involves having it with a pompous, Art History Major who never really could leave the romantic gore of the Renaissance period behind. Although I am an artist and a complete art enthusiast, I really couldn’t give two fracks about how people define art. It isn’t important. Your opinion of an artwork in no way alters my own. While I am completely open to listening to it and perhaps even learning from it, at the end of the day just because you don’t view something as art it doesn’t mean that I don’t. That being said, I get very lost and conflicted when an ethical issue comes into play. I am torn between my stance on…

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Finding Happiness

bhutan chronicles

“Stop running. Happiness has been chasing you all this time…”

Moving to Bhutan does funny things for one’s happiness. Increasingly famous for developing the concept of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan is the first country many people think of when asked to name the happiest place on earth. This has even led the Tourism Council of Bhutan to adopt the slogan, “Happiness is a Place”. Happiness is much more than a place, but indeed, Bhutan has been a great place for me to learn about my own happiness.

People often ask me if I am happier here, and whether those around me are truly the happiest people in the world. The answers to such questions are at first complicated, and eventually simple. People here are not in a race to be happier or happiest. I was amazed to learn recently that the happiness of an individual is 50% genetic, 40% attitude…

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I love this! It is beautiful and the poem fits so well with the photo. I also really like structure of the fourth stanza. I never thought to try anything like that and would like to experiment with it in my own writing.

Whimsygizmo's Blog

2011-02-25 at 16-21-12

You write it on
and bridges
and walls
and inevitable falls
and failings.

You paint it in
and sunset
and across star-stung skies
and in the tattoo
of shadows.

You stitch it into
hearts, tiny etched
sacred scars.

It is
and ridiculous
and readily available
and we forget
and we cheapen it
and we take it
but forget
to give it.

It is
and we’re found
gently loosed and unbound;
but we forsake it,
and forget
to live it.

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