Ponder This: Ethics Vs Art

This article brings up a very interesting aspect of art that I had never considered before.

Factory Diaries

Ok, so let’s nip this in the bud straight off the bat: I HATE HAVING THIS ARGUMENT! Seriously, there is nothing that irks me more than having a “what is art?” debate. Especially if it involves having it with a pompous, Art History Major who never really could leave the romantic gore of the Renaissance period behind. Although I am an artist and a complete art enthusiast, I really couldn’t give two fracks about how people define art. It isn’t important. Your opinion of an artwork in no way alters my own. While I am completely open to listening to it and perhaps even learning from it, at the end of the day just because you don’t view something as art it doesn’t mean that I don’t. That being said, I get very lost and conflicted when an ethical issue comes into play. I am torn between my stance on…

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