Just A Thought.

Growing up as a young music-crazed girl, Destiny’s Child was always my cup of tea. I was so excited to learn that Destiny’s Child would be doing a short reunion during the SuperBowl halftime show. With previous knowledge of Destiny Child’s history as a group, I had my reservations about how the performance would go. And it was just how I expected.

A Beyonce concert with her back-up singers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked Beyonce but the dynamics of the group were a little unsettling to me. Every since Destiny’s child begun Mr. Knowles, Beyonce’s Father and Manager of Destiny’s Child, had always made Beyonce the main star. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were always played out to be background singers to Beyonce’s show, when they were supposed to be a group.

During the Superbowl performance it was clear that the dynamics hadn’t changed. When Destiny’s Child performed they sang one of Beyonce’s solo songs, Put A Ring On It, when they already have 119 songs they created a group. Not only that but Beyonce’s mic was up to superstar volume, you could barely hear Kelly, and I only saw Michelle’s lips moving, but no sound.


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