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LAS VEGAS (AP) — Former Motown vocalist Richard Street, a member of the Temptations for 25 years, has died. He was 70.

Street’s wife, Cindy, says her husband died early Wednesday at a hospital in Las Vegas after a short illness.

Richard Street sang as a young man with Temptations members Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin, but didn’t join the famed Motown group until the early 1970s. He later made the move from his native Detroit to Los Angeles with other Motown acts and stayed with the group until the mid-1990s.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete, but Cindy Street expects services to be held sometime next week in Cypress, Calif.

She says her husband “was a really good person” who should be remembered for his work with the Temptations.

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Disney Concept of Love

To compare the standards of love between different cultures is almost never the same. I like that love can be interpreted in many different ways and not everyone has to be living a Disney Fairytale. As a North American I have been brainwashed by this concept of love that involves a Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet and us living happily ever after..

But I think that is the problem with “American” love. That is the reason why we have the highest divorce rates and are so opposed to non-traditional marriages. We are brainwashed into thinking that love only looks one way and if our love isn’t picture perfect, then we jump to the conclusion that it’s not right.

However I can’t exactly show you what I think love looks like. I don’t know if I’ll know when I’ve found it. Everyone had their elementary school crush that they swore they were in love with. But what is love and does it follow strict guidelines?

Just a little food for thought.

Correlation ≠ Causation

My parents are married.

They have the legal papers to prove it. They’re yellowed and old like antique documents and they’re in Chinese.

They file for taxes together, sign property papers together, make mortgage payments together, have joint bank accounts.

They call themselves husband and wife, if asked.

They don’t fight… much.

They get along and even though sometimes he rolls his eyes when he thinks she’s being a little insensible or silly and sometimes she’ll sigh with frustration when she thinks he’s being lazy and unhelpful, they don’t really fight.

They raised us well. Amazingly well, I’d say, and for that, I am grateful. My dad taught me how to sharpen my work ethic, how to prioritize and be practical, how to do complicated physics problems that my teacher in high school never made clear. My mom taught me how to be sympathetic, how to care for people and…

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It is shocking to hear that stories like this are real, women aren’t viewed as equal in all parts of the world.. even in 2013.

Egyptian Streets

“I can no longer walk – or even drive – anywhere without receiving a dirty comment or without feeling scared that I may be attacked at any moment.”  Those were the comments of one female university graduate on life as a woman in Egypt.

“It’s disgusting and makes me feel like I am walking around naked!” said another female who happens to be veiled. “The abuse impacts all women of Cairo. Whether you are wearing the hijab, the niqab, or whether you are not veiled…women are harassed no matter what!”

This is the sexual terrorism that women across Egypt go through each day. Statistics released reveal that more than 90% of Egypt’s women – regardless of the neighborhood they live in – have encountered sexual harassment: grand-mothers, mothers, daughters – no one is off limits.

While driving in the relatively ‘upscale’ Heliopolis, I noticed a bunch of youth who had…

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If, like me, you find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day, please do as I do – treat yourself well. As the spotlight shines down and reveals that you have yet to end your day looking into the eyes of your life’s love, or even that of a mere lover, use the day to look into yourself. And when you do, please do so with kindness. Fall in love with you.

It almost seems like a superfluous concept – to fall in love with one’s self. And yet, it is your self that will follow you wherever you go. It is yourself that will talk to you when no one is there. Your self will damn you. Your self will love you. The belief you have in yourself can cause you to crumble or it can cause you to reach unprecedented heights. The energy and perspective you put into you –…

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Nika Likes Maps

When you enter a small get together and know almost no one, you are “the other.” When everyone is on the same page, and you’re behind, you’re “the other.” When everyone knows the lyrics and you don’t, you’re “the other.” And when you find yourself wandering in a country where everyone but you knows the language and the culture, you are, surely, “the other.” Only in this case, you can’t simply get to know the small party of mutual friends, or read ahead when you have a free minute, or memorize the lyrics. So, now what?

Now you wait. Wait and live and learn. You can’t possibly think you’ll fit in. You’re like an ice cube in a pot of boiling water: same substance but from different environments. Only humans aren’t as pure as water. We are more complex, and while the ice cube will become one with the boiling water…

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